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information - Biography
LP Boon - Wat Klang Bang Kaew (Late)
27 Nov 2012, 10:24 am

Luang Phor Boon was a pre-war great guru and worshipped as one of the greatest monk in Nakonpathom. He practiced very advance Dhamma and respected by many Gurus from 24xx era. He had mind miracle called "JetroPariyaYana" which makes him able to reads people's mind.

He created a very important Mantra called the Maha Chindamanee Mantra. It is Maha Metta Katha. Anyone who chant the great Katha will be able to call all beings including Metta, Wealth and Fortune to come.

He made many Phims (mold) amulets from different material such as herb, baked clay, bronze, silver, copper, lead and etc. LP Boon made very effacious amulets. All his amulets has long history of efficiencies from those who wears them and experiences.

However, The most famous amulet from Wat Klabangkeaw is "Biage" a shell amulet which has many effacious effects to the wearer.

LP Boon was in monkhood for 66 years and passed away at the age of 88 in BE2478. 

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