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AC Thep - KMT in oil
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Code : A3682

AC Thep

Kuman Jao Glae Ud Muan Sarn Chan Kroo

Year : BE 2555

Function : Recommended Uses Gambling, Seduction, Increase Riches, Attract Business, Recieve Mercy 

They are filled with the most concentrated Mixture of Muan Sarn (Necromantic Prai Powders and other Rare Magical Ingredients) that Ajarn Thep could Muster Up. he used the Best and Most Powerful Rare Kuman Powders, which he had Gathered over Years of Practice and Interchange, Seeking and Waiting. 

The Muan Sarn Powders of this Quality Level are known as 'Chan Kroo' in Thai (Master Quality).This Muan Sarn is composed of the Extremely Powerful, and often Mimicked but Truly Rare and Difficult to Obtain 'Pong Prai Kumarn'. 

Pong Prai Kumarn is the Pure (Undiluted with other Powders) Ground Bones of a Child who died along with his or her Mother in Giving Birth. Pra Ajarn Thep has collected donations of bones from over a few hundred Kuman, to have enough to Grind Up and use of the Sacred Muan Sarn for this Series, and Ensure their Power. 

This was necessary because of Pra Ajarn Thep's fast Rise in Popularity and the rising Demand for More Amulets. In order to Avoid loss of power though larger numbers of amulets being made in each edition, he has used this Immensely Rare and Slow to Gather Powder, and has Pulled no Punches by refusing to mix or dilute them. 

Once these powers were Ground up from Hundreds of Kuman and bound into one, they were shaped into the Effigies we see before us. Thes effigies were then taken and given a base filling using a piece of 'Nuea look Krok' (flesh from a Look Krok), and 'Pong Aathan Hnaa Hlum Sop' (Sorcerous earth from the opening of the Grave of a Prai Kuman). The Agkhara Khom Spells for the Nibbana Sutta (Essential Master Wicha for the Making of Kuman Tong and other Necromantic Effigies) 

The rear face of the Kuman has been wrapped with a Leaden Yantra Foil with Spell Inscription of the Invocation of the Kuman, and bound with 'Daay Akom' (Magical Threads of a Corpse).  

Kata Bucha Kuman Jao Glae/Jao Juk

Nuso Saraewago Garohi Bpidtu Wajja Naena Sambpun Naena Bprasittiyaa

Chant 5 Times 









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