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Wat Nok - Phra Phrom
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Wat Nok

Phra Phrom "MaHa Lahp"

Batch : Roon Sang Phra MaHa Chedi Wat Nok


Dimensi : 21 cm (L) x 21 cm (W) x 29 cm (H)

Year / Quantity : 2006 

Purpose for Making : Require donation of money for building "Phra MaHa Chedi (Pagoda)"

Material : Holy Mixed Metal with 3 Gold Takruts

Size : 8.5 cm x 12 cm (2.9 inches)

Lord Phra Phrom statue will create unbelievably good luck for your family. He is the most popular symbol of fortune in Thailand, Indian, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia to harvest long term wealth. This image is very powerful because this Lord Brahma has eight arms represent the eight directions and omnipotence of Lord Brahma.

The four hands represent the four aspects of human personality: mind (back right hand), intellect (back left hand), ego (front right hand), and the empirical self or conditioned consciousness (front left hand). The rosary symbolizes the time cycle through which the world moves from creation to sustenance, from sustenance to dissolution, and from dissolution to new creation. The rosary also symbolizes the materials used in the process of creation. Its position in the back right hand suggests the intelligent use of these materials in the process of creation.

Please have a look! LP SuJitTaPorn put 3 gold TaKruts under the image.

Luang Pho SuJitTaPorn of Wat Nok, Bangkok has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He wants to build big Pagoda for keep Relics (the Buddha’s cremated bones) from India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thai. LP SuJitTaPorn has been created amulets that require donation of money for building the big Pagoda at this temple until finish.

This powerful Lord Phra Phrom statue has been blessed properly by many holy monks by 2 ceremonies.

The first ceremony on 30 December 2006 at Wat MaHaThar, NaKhon Si Thammarat province and has been blessed properly by 28 holy monks from Wat Kow Oor and Buddhist Guru Monks in south of Thailand.

The second ceremony on 5 January 2007 at Wat Nok, Bangkok.

08.39 am. – 50 all classes of Buddhist monks (Phra Tay-Rah-Noo-The-Ra) had recited mantra “MaHa Tip” and “Chinnabanchon”. LP Chin of Wat Muang is a president for making JaTuKam RaMathep Phim Ta-Kien wood.

13.19 pm. – Phra Khru Bai Dee Ka Pra Nop of Wat Kor Hong is a leader for worship ceremony for invite JaTuKam RaMaThep.

15.39 pm. – LP Tim of Wat PhraKao is a leader for lighting auspicious candle ceremony. Moreover, while lighting auspicious candle there are39 guru monks had recited until finishing this ceremony.

Marvelous ceremony! Monks has been concreted together the Sun becomes encircled by a halo until monks finished a ritual.

People believe that Lord Phra Phrom statue by Wat Nok has super power to help the owner to secure good fortune in business, Enhance power and Provide Protection.
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